Life is too short to be miserable.

Thinking a lot about the time we are given and how we use it.  Yesterday, we found out that one of my husband’s high school friends committed suicide.  He wasn’t a super close friend, but my husband had seen him only two weeks prior at a social gathering, and he was way too young and one of those cases where no one saw it coming.

Life is too short to be miserable.

We don’t know how much time we are given, even if we live out our natural days.  Cliche, but true…and so I have been thinking a lot lately about how I am using my time on this earth, which we are all given in equal measure each day to make something of.

I have never been one to “waste time,” in the stereotypical sense.  In college, one of my roommates told me incredulously, “You’re always DOING something!  How do you have so much to do?”  My problem is actually often that I try to do too many things and start too many projects at one time, and then I get overwhelmed and have to let it all go.  They are not necessarily important things.  But they are busy things.  I like to be busy.

However, being busy is not the same as using time well.  I think that using time well probably actually means being less busy than the “average” person.  Being less busy, savoring everything that is being done.  Nothing is really that unpleasant and unbearable if it is savored.  Reality is not actually that bad.

The problem with depression is that it is not in touch with reality.  It is a long dark tunnel that the person cannot see an end to, and it is isolated, and it allows no other way of seeing the world.  Depression can be surrounded by friends and feel empty.  The one who learns to savor can be alone for days and yet enjoy every moment.  It’s all perspective.

A quote that I always hear about prayer is that “prayer works because when you pray, either the circumstances will change, or you will change.”  It doesn’t really matter which.

Time to change stale perspectives.  Time to slow down and savor everything, even when nothing seems enjoyable.  ESPECIALLY when nothing seems enjoyable.  This young man’s life and death is a sad reminder to get back in touch with ultimate reality.


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